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health and safety


Boat tours are not only one of the most elegant and relaxing ways to discover the Coast of the Gods, but it is also one of the safest.
The Blue Ocean motor-ship is equipped to travel in compliance with the strict dictates of the international maritime treaty known as the International Convention for the Safety of Human Life at Sea (SOLAS), drawn up by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the United Nations agency responsible for navigation.
One of the consequences of this Convention, for example, is the obligation to be equipped with lifeboats, inflatable life rafts and life preservers for each person on board, regularly checked, plus a certain minimum number of extra capacity.
The Blue Ocean motor ship goes far beyond these standards, carrying mechanical, navigation and safety reserve supplies. And of course, our crew receives comprehensive training and follows frequent refresher courses. They also undergo certification and continuous training to deal with emergency situations, including the evacuation of a ship.
That’s why you can enjoy your excursion with total peace of mind.


Anti-Covid measures.
Our priority is to guarantee the health and safety of passengers and crew, which is why we have put in place all hygiene and health measures to make them travel safely and serenely.
Boarding is regulated and spaced out.
The flow of passengers to the decks is regulated by the crew.
On board, the furnishings of the premises are arranged in such a way as to guarantee social distancing.
On board, the good rules of conduct are communicated through the public broadcasting.
The motor vessel is cleaned and sanitised after each crossing.
The distributors, with a disinfectant solution for hand cleaning, are placed in all the rooms.
The company specifies that it will comply, over the course of the months, with all the provisions that, from time to time, will be issued by governments and regions, “scrupulously following the protocols for maritime transport”.